Here at WiredWorks we believe the best way to grow our business is through
customer referrals. We value our wonderful customers and look forward to
serving their friends and family.

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did installing my 60" Vizio
plasma T.V. over the fireplace. It look so much better than my friend's
T.V. who paid more than double to have it installed by one of the local
chain stores. You guys definitely have the best prices and service in
town. I look forward to having you back in a couple of weeks to install
the in ceiling home theater speakers that we talked about when you were
here. Thanks again guys and keep up the good work!!
J.C. Jacksonville, FL

It was such a pleasure talking with you on the phone. You knew exactly
what I wanted without even coming to my house for an estimate. When you
arrived the next day to install my t.v. you did an outstanding
job. All of the wires were neat and hidden in the walls and you were
extremely clean. You did such a good job vacuuming that I didn't even
need to clean up at all when you left. Thanks guys, my brother-in-law
will be calling you next week to install his T.V.
D.W. Jacksonville, FL

Thanks for making the trip down to St. Augustine to install my outdoor
speakers. All of the wires were neat and out of sight and the speakers
sound great. I still can't believe your speakers have a 10-year warranty.
I will definitely put those to the test.
Brian S. St. Augustine, FL

My whole house audio system sounds amazing. We just had my wife's 50th
birthday party and all 22 speakers you installed were playing. It sounded
so good that the speakers were all anyone could talk about. Several of my
friends will definitely be calling Wired Works to come out and install your
speakers in their homes. Keep up the good work my friend.
John C. Gainesville, FL

























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